How to get the focus skin?

The Focus outfit is part of the Focal Point Set, a Rare Fortnite outfit. Last seen on December 8, 2020, this skin was released on July 12, 2019. You can see a mysterious-young woman represented by a female visual with the Focus skin. Where does her mystery come from? The reason for that is that she completely covered her face with a white bandage and black bandana, which illustrates a big blue circle painted in the middle.

Additionally, she wears a short blue leather jacket under which some brown straps are fastened. Her shirt is light and is tied around her waist. Besides covering her body with a wide black belt, she also had a round blue circle on the belt. A white bun with a few locks hanging near the edge of her face is gathered in her hair, a sloppy bun.

Furthermore, she is wearing skinny blue jeans with two black straps attached to her right leg. She wears black boots to cover his feet. That’s so beautiful.

I believe the Focus skin is 1,200 V-Bucks. As a result, you must purchase from the item shop to get this skin. It is important to remember that if the Focus skin returns to the Fortnite item shop, you should grab it as soon as available. It is impossible to know when this skin will be back on sale if it disappears. When it is available again, make sure you buy it. This guide is all about focus skin.

How to get the focus skin?

When listed, this Rare Skin is available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop. The Focus skin is rare. The skin was listed in the item shop of the Fortnite game under Featured Items. It will disappear from the item shop after 48 hours of its arrival due to its placement as a featured item and then be added back later. Focus Fortnite skins usually reappear about 35 days after being released. As a result of its uncommon rarity, it costs more than other cosmetic items in the game. Fortress Battle Royale’s Item Shop is the only place where the Focus skin is available for purchase with 1200 v-bucks.

Best Focus Skin Fortnite Combos

The following list of Focus skin combos can also be explored to find the perfect one for you:

Combination 1

  • A skin called Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Farming Tool: Dread Strikers (1800 V-bucks)
  • The Back Bling: Wolverine’s Trophy (Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 4)
  • The Violet Tentacles wrap (500 V-Bucks)
  • The Bat glider costs 800 V-bucks
  • In addition, Contrail: Flaky (Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2)
  • The Point-it-Out can be unlocked by outlasting 15,000 opponents.

Combination 2

  • A skin called Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • The harvesting tool is Dark Razor ($200 as a bundle for the Xbox One S)
  • Bling: Back Plate (1500 V-bucks)
  • Britte Blast (300 V-buck)
  • The Echo Jet glider (800 V-bucks)
  • The Contrail: Glyphs (Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7)
  • Emote: Boogie Down (by activating the 2FA)

Combination 3

  • The Focus skin (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • The harvesting tool is called Cuddle Paw (800 V-Bucks).
  • The Batty Pack (2800 V-Bucks) is the Back Bling
  • Wrap: Cuddle Heard (Support Code for A-Creator)
  • Celestial Glider (800 V-Bucks)
  • The Contrail: Billiard (Fortnite Battle Pass Season 1 Chapter 2)
  • Emoticon: Pop Lock (800 V-Bucks)

Combination 4

  • A skin called Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • The harvesting tool Clean Cut (500 V-Bucks)
  • The Dream Team Bundle has Back Bling: Batty Blanket
  • Frosted: Fortnite’s 2nd and 3rd birthday celebration
  • The Glider: Discovery (Samsung Purchase Bonus)
  • The Contrail: Photon (Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 3)
  • Emoticon: Star Power (800 V-Bucks)

Combination 5

  • A skin called Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Axe Candy (1500 V-Bucks): Harvesting tool
  • This Back Bling includes the Back Scratcher (1200 V-Cucks)
  • A wrap-up of the Emote came (Fortnite Battle Pass Season 10)
  • The Xbox One bundle of Glider: Dark Forerunner
  • The Contrail: Neo Tubes (Fortnite Battle Pass Season 9)
  • Emoticon: Rodeo (800 V-Bucks)

Combination 6

  • A skin called Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • In-Game Harvesting Tool: Astral Axe (1200 V-Bucks)                         
  • Bonus Bling: Back Beat (1500 V-Bucks)
  • Warm-Up: Hot and Cold (300 V-Bucks)
  • The Glider: Cloud Strike (1200 V-Bucks)
  • The Contrail: Lightning Strike (Fortnite Battle Pass Season 9)
  • Emotion: Intensity (800 V-Bucks)

Combination 7

  • The Skin: Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Exercise (500 V-Bucks) is the harvesting tool
  • Ark Wings (2000 V-Bucks): Back Bling
  • Fortnite 3rd Birthday Celebration: Cakey
  • The Glider: Celestia (800 V-Bucks).
  • Fortnite Battle Pass Season 8: Contrail: Flying Standard
  • Emoticon: Vivacious (800 V-Bucks)

Combination 8

  • The skin: Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • The harvesting tool is an Accordion (500 V-Bucks).
  • Bling: Balloon Llama (1500 V-bucks)
  • (Fortnite Battle Pass Season 8) Wrap: Gemstone
  • The Glider: Base Jumper (Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1)
  • The Contrail: Bats (Fortnite Battle Pass Season 6)
  • Emoticon: Around the clock (500 V-Bucks)

Combination 9

  • A skin for Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • A Bold Bar (500 V-Bucks) is the harvesting tool.
  • The Back Bling: Assassin Pack (2000 V-Bucks)
  • The Wrap: Chic (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1)
  • Cuddle Cruiser glider (800 V bucks)
  • In the Contrail: Dark Feathers (2000 V-Bucks)
  • The Beep for Fortnite Battle Pass (season 12)

Combination 10

  • The Skin: Focus (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • The Botton Feeder (1500 V-Bucks) is your harvesting tool.
  • Astroworld: Back Bling (2000 V-Bucks)
  • Notify: Wrap (300 V-Bucks)
  • The Glider: Big Haul (Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2)
  • The Contrail: Beachballs (14 Days of Summer)
  • Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 Emote Best Mate)

When was the focus skin last released?

The Focus Outfit is available in the Fortnite Gadget Shop. The focus was no longer accessible as of September 22, 2022.

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