What comes to mind when you think about preppy fashion? Does Boat shoe Maritime stripes? At a polo match, Princess Diana? Keep your favorite mental picture handy because the collegiate-inspired look is formally making another comeback. While we revere the classics, we also want brand-new, inventive ways to recreate a uniquely American look. Here, we give a quick overview of preppy fashion for women’s history and offer tips on how to dress it with a contemporary twist.

What are preppy-style women?

Most people associate the term “preppy” with wealthy New Englanders wearing tweed blazers, boat shoes, and argyle sweater vests. Prep schools are where the term’s origins come from; yet, the aesthetic’s development during the 20th and 21st centuries has been one of the most complicated arcs, which begs the question, what is preppy style?

Stick to a collared dress shirt, nice khakis, a matching belt, and leather loafers for casual Fridays. By 1980, The Official Preppy Handbook, a now-iconic funny guide to the fashion subculture, had been released. Despite having more sarcastic than educational goals, it succeeded in starting a preppy obsession that would have a variety of offshoots for decades to come. One of the most significant allusions is hip-hop style, which helped the prep movement move away from its WASP connections and toward a more contemporary appearance, changing our perception of what is meant by the term “preppy.”

What are preppy-style women?

Simple, subtle items that achieve the ideal mix between casual and elegant are the mainstays of women’s preppy design. It’s more chinos than damaged jeans and a more fitted blazer than a moto jacket.

What does modern preppy fashion look like?

Preppy fashion has just made an excellent reappearance and is one of the top trends for autumn. The school-friendly look is here to stay and probably won’t go away for a few more seasons, thanks to TikTok fads like “old money” and dark (and light) academia, as well as the well-received (and highly fashionable) Gossip Girl revival.

Women’s preppy design is centered on subtle, unassuming items that perfectly combine casual and classy. It’s more chinos than damaged jeans and a more fitted blazer than a moto jacket. However, adding a striking accent or zany pattern gives it more personality and elevates it to a higher level.

A brief history of preppy style

Any old Brooks Brothers catalog will show you that the origins of preppy fashion may be found in the late 1940s American sportswear inception. But the funnel from prep school to Ivy League is where it is most frequently linked.

Publications like “Vogue” and “Life” started to provide young women with examples of college wearing in the 1950s, coinciding with an increase in women enrolling at significant institutions. (Katharine Hepburn wearing an oxford and a three-piece suit? Iconic.) Consider the 1980s, when “The Official Preppy Handbook,” written by Lisa Birnbach, sparked the emergence of a generation of preppy youngsters. Despite the tongue-in-cheek humor used in the book, Birnbach was nonetheless responsible for the increase in sales of pastel pique polos and the growth of L.L.Bean.

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How to dress preppy?

Several things may spring to mind when you think about preppy style. You could see sharp, fitted attire with a splash of pastel hue, or perhaps you envisage a timeless khaki and nautical stripe combo. There are many preppy outfit options, so stock up on some essentials, and you’ll be well on developing classic ensembles that reflect your style!

·         Wear a single or two solid-colored things

You can choose the colors but stick to solids to avoid overpowering the style. Play with preppy hues without fear! Adding a burst of color to balance your neutral elements may make your entire appearance more exciting. When wearing red chinos, pair them with a blue shirt, and when wearing a white shirt, pair them with a charcoal grey trench coat or jacket.

·         Wear a skirt or khaki pants

Khaki goes with anything, so wear it with any preppy shirt or jacket! A preppy must-have, khaki is a fashionable alternative for everyday, casual ensembles and may wear to formal occasions. Purchase a chic knee-length khaki skirt or a pair of fitted khaki trousers. Get a pair of khaki shorts as well to complete your summer attire.

·         As the foundation of your ensemble, go for neutral hues

Preppy clothing looks fantastic in colors like navy, white, and khaki. They go particularly well with preppy patterns or brighter hues. All people look fantastic in these hues. Pick up a white shirt and a blue jacket, for instance.

·         Keep your hair brushed and glossy

Comb your short hair back and part it down the middle if you wear it that way. Make a pompadour out of it to add some volume. If you have longer hair, draw it back at the nape of your neck into a low bun or a ponytail. Remember that your hairdo is only one more option to add character to your preppy appearance.

·         Wear conservative shoes

Put on loafers, flats, or boat shoes to go with your clothing. Preppy footwear needs to be stylish, practical, and comfy. Men may look wonderful in loafers, moccasins, and duck boots, while ladies can go for flats, boat shoes, duck boots, or naked heels.

·         Keep your jewelry simple or traditional

To complete your look, put on a belt or a bowtie. To add interest to a button-down shirt, think about donning a playful bowtie or a striking striped tie. Choose a primary leather belt to go with your pants, skirt, or jeans. Belts are another excellent preppy accessory.

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