types of goth

The people who follow the goth subculture are drawn to dark, spooky, and ghoulish looks. Generally, they cover themselves in shades of grey, black, and dusky purple.

Goths cannot be compared to one color or the same color only since they have so much diversity. Goth subcultures always dress and use makeup that resembles sadness and death as a convenience. What does Andrew Ferriday say about what is goth? To understand this?

“The distinct way the Goth subculture dresses and utilizes makeup of death demonstrates its belief that the modern world has drained humanity’s life. Goth subculture followers show up in this manner to remind themselves that they are at fault for creating these walking deeds.” This guide will give you a brief info about types of goth and more.

What does it mean to be a goth?

The term “gothic” mainly refers to a perspective and way of life shared by many youngsters in today’s society, but it also describes a particular style of clothing and music that conveys a melancholy approach to life. The gothic mindset is typically one of melancholy and sorrow, but this isn’t always the case.

What Was the Popularity of Goth?

Rock and punk were two new musical genres that started exploding in the ’70s and ’80s. In addition to fashion, music was also accompanied by a unique style. There needs to be a new name for this fashion style that combines a change in musical style with a change in fashion style.

Several rock bands, including Joy Division, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and others, were pioneers of Gothic fashion. Goth fashion developed from the emergence of rock music. Worldwide, fans are inspired by the fashion style of rock and punk bands to adopt the look, thereby creating a new culture.

Within several years, the Goth subculture included a variety of styles, beliefs, and disciplines that led to a large community in America, Germany, and Japan. As a subculture, it has become one of the most popular and exceptional globally.

Top 10 best types of goth

1.     Authentic Goth

Musically and fashionably, the traditional Goth style is similar to the 1980s and 1990s. A similarity between the Goth style and rock and punk music is evident since similar music genres inspire both styles. Earlier, It is mentioned that the Goth style is heavily influenced by the music genres rock and punk.

Black-colored clothes and accessories and the black or other dark-colored hairstyle appear to be a unique style popular in the ’70s to ’80s. Dark makeup and highlighting pale skin give the appearance of mystery. Gothic culture considers this style its purest expression.

2.     The Romantic Goths 

It is often misunderstood as non-romantic. You will feel passionate love for a Goth when you wear this romantic style. This style is beautiful, elegant, and influenced by the fashion styles of early Victorian literature.

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In a moonlit graveyard, dead roses are symbols of love and sorrow. The romantic goth follows this concept, and those who follow this concept are innovative personalities passionate about drama and love of tragic literature.

Black and brightly colored clothing and accessories and soft and classical sounds define what it means to be a romantic goth.

3.     The cyber goth

A trendy Goth subculture style comes to the fore in the age of heavy electronic music and technology. Rather than wearing black clothing and accessories, this Gothic style finds its appeal in colorful elements.

The electronic music and dance that inspired this style are the main inspiration for Cyber Goth, and due to their dark style, Cyber Goth became part of the Goth style. Cyber Goths are easily identifiable because they wear unique accessories such as gas masks, neon dreadlocks, rave goggles, etc. As well as wearing extravagant makeup styles. There are many additional accessories worn by Cyber Goths, such as leather chokers, leg warmers, and corsets.

4.     The vampire goth

Between vampires and romantic goths, there are many similarities. Some elements of vampire goth are inspired by Victorian fashion. A strong Vampire vibe is created with elegant tones in this style.

As the name implies, you get an idea of how related concepts and vampire themes characterize this style. Goth became famous after being inspired by early vampire literature, such as Ann Rice’s work.

5.     Goth-Pastel

Soft pastel colors are used to fashion this new goth style. A combination of dark and soft, bright colors with traditional Gothic accessories is often enthused by Kawaii fashion.

There are a variety of pastel goth fashion accessories such as pink hair, unicorns, brightly colored tattoos, piercings, etc. The pastel goth takes the fundamental and unique elements of the goth subculture and puts them into stunning, beautiful colors.

6.     The Emo Goth

Emotional Hardcore or Emotive is what emo means. Even though goth still considers emo a goth style, many consider it its cousin. Many goth people became popular with the emo goth style in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Although emo’s popularity has been declining since the 2010s, we still see many goth people following the emo goth style.

Main emo goth elements include skinny jeans or jeggings, converse shoes, bracelets, belts, tattoos, and band t-shirts.

7.      The Victorian goth

Did you get an idea of what this Victorian Goth is? Well, it is the style of Victorian goths from the Victorian era. Excessive dresses and chic hairstyles characterize fashion in this style. The Victorian era was dominated by the aristocratic elite and the rich, which is reflected in this Gothic style. This style combines Victorian literature, poetry, and pastimes, making it an upper-class division of the Gothic subculture.

The many accessories used in this gothic style are ball gowns, corsets, hats, gloves, chokers, and necklaces. Victorian Gothics have one thing in common: long, dark hair and soft makeup on pale skin.

8.     The NU Goth

it has become trendy among many goths. This goth style is also known as hipster goth, a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. The use of more contemporary elements gives this style a unique look.

It is less recognized in terms of ideology and music, and fashion prioritizes this fashion type. NU goth differs from other goth types in that it incorporates gothic elements without being overt in comparison with other goth styles.

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