staircase wall lighting

These staircase lighting ideas and tips can provide you with practical advice and design inspiration, whether you are designing a staircase from scratch, planning a hallway renovation, or seeking practical lighting solutions for a poorly-lit area.

Before stepping up your staircase ideas, it is essential to consider whether your staircase lighting is intended for aesthetic purposes or for more practical uses. Be careful not to overdo it if this is the case.

It’s essential to make sure a staircase is sufficiently lit, but opting for a subtle and straightforward solution usually results in more elegant results. A staircase and landing light should help you transition from one space to the next, so ensure that the brightness is similar to the rest of your house. This guide will explain different types of staircase wall lighting.

Staircase Wall Lighting

Staircase wall lighting is a unique and innovative way to illuminate the steps of your staircase while adding a decorative touch to the walls. With its subtle yet effective glow, this type of lighting enhances the overall aesthetic of any home, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you choose a classic sconce design or a contemporary LED strip, staircase wall lighting provides a safe and stylish solution for navigating your stairs in the dark.

With a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes available, you can easily find the perfect match for your home’s decor. So, why settle for a boring staircase when you can have a beautifully lit one? Upgrade to staircase wall lighting today and elevate the look of your home.

What kind of lighting is ideal for stairs?

The finest lights for staircases are hanging pendant lights. At the bottom of the stairwell, these lighting fixtures cast light, providing it a point of focus. For large rooms, use a single massive pendant light; for confined areas, use two small pendant hangs.

Top 10 best staircase wall lighting ideas

1.    Bend your lights at different heights

Make a striking display by hanging different shaped bulbs at different heights, or use lighting flex cables in various colors to add interest. As you look down to the monochrome checkered hallway flooring, you see these Inductile vintage Edison style light bulbs hung high through the middle of the stairwell.

2.    Put to use multiple resources of light.

‘If you have a three-meter high ceiling in a more traditional hallway, pendant lights will help lower it and keep it from feeling cavernous and dark,’ says Hazel Park, senior lighting designer at John Cullen Lighting.

We relayer the lighting. A large hall may have several artworks, which can be lighted with directional downlights or unique picture lights such as our Wallace picture lights. Also, in large halls, decorative wall lights should be considered.

In a large and spacious hall, such as that found in a country estate, the emphasis usually highlights the architecture. Staircases can be both sculptural and focal points in this environment. We could use skirting lights to light the stairs or LED strips underneath each tread to create a back glow. We also add light at the tops of these staircases to draw the eye upward.

3.    Choose a trio of large and miniature lights.

Whatever you call these Aquila lights by Pooky – teardrop, inverted rose, Mongolian street light – they embody the essence of Art Deco chic and make a unique staircase lighting idea. Three large and one smaller fixture are used in this hallway to create an atmosphere.

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Each of these glass pendant lights is blown by hand, into a mold, by skilled craftsmen, which adds to the artisanal feel of this staircase lighting. This smoked glass detail complements the gray lampshade and cushion of the armchair.

4.    Washers and down lights are necessary for narrow stairs

When it comes to staircase lighting ideas, narrow stairs can often present a challenge. Here’s what you need to know.

‘Narrow staircases are challenging to light. Adding miniature Lucca 30 downlights to the niches and layering this with Cazalla floor washers creates a dramatic scene that guides your path up the stairs,’ says Parsons.

5.    Choose a sky-scraping chandelier light. 

Chandeliers are an excellent choice if you wish to create a luxurious lighting look in your modern entryway, both classic and classy.

The Shard in London inspired this wall and ceiling light combo by Portuguese design studio LUXXU, as both have modern silhouettes – and each is a work of art in its own right. Luxurious and opulent, they are crafted with gold-plated brass and crystal.

The stair treads are marble, the male bust figurine is black, and the walls are fluted to recreate a dreamy and luxurious design we haven’t seen before.

6.    Materials and texture are essential.

This staircase lighting design it’s all about the glitz and glamour. A cascading array of glass ornaments from the ceiling creates a waterfall effect that adds interest to the stairwell’s center. 

To maximize the impact of this staircase, Sian Parsons, senior lighting designer at John Cullen Lighting, chose to conceal a warm white Contour LED strip under each tread.

This makes the staircase look dramatic while at the same time highlighting the stone texture of the walls and the decorative centerpiece during the night.

7.    Lift multiple floorings or flights 

Whether you wanted to save energy or didn’t want to spend a lot of time shopping for fixtures, you may have chosen to light only your hallway or landing.

When it comes to layering your lighting and creating an ambient mood, staircase lighting on different levels opens up a whole new world. In addition, you will not have to search for the nearest source as a lamp or switch will not be too far away.

8.    Lanterns create an exotic feel and look.

The balmy nights, warm climates, and exotic interiors are some of the things we love about holidays. However, lanterns can create an ethnic-inspired aesthetic for staircase lighting ideas.

If children and pets are present, we suggest the faux LED lights for a Moroccan-style mood when using light tea candles. This is especially true if you have a stencil-effect balustrade.

9.    When designing a staircase, think of lighting.

If you’re designing a staircase, you should consider your lighting at an early stage. As timeless styles must be installed before plastering, this is especially important if you don’t want the lights to be too obvious. 

Fixing points are also an important consideration. Whether you’re lighting from above, tread level, or in the wall, factoring the lighting into your plans is crucial to achieving the desired effect.

It’s a perfect touch of elegance and style for your staircase lighting ideas if you’re looking for a lamp made with ethically-sourced goose feathers.

The lamp can be mounted on the wall, or it can be installed as a ceiling light; two uses and one lamp – what’s not to like? Create a stunning design that will make your guests feel special.

10. Add under-step lighting to a dark staircase.

Lighting your dark staircases where you see heavy foot traffic with strip lighting is a subtle and attractive way to illuminate steps with rounded edges. A little more challenging to install, this style may require a professional for proper installation. The final result, however, is well worth the extra effort.

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